Meet the Researchers

Dr. Michel Kohl

Michel Kohl is an assistant professor of wildlife at the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. His expertise includes years studying wolves and elk in the American West.

Summer Fink

Summer Fink is a doctoral student at Warnell, where she is studying the effects historic development patterns have on wildlife spatial distribution in urban areas. She has extensive experience studying human-wildlife interactions in urban areas, coming to UGA and Wildlife Atlanta from a similar project in Chicago.

Carson Daniel

Carson a graduate student at the University of Georgia in the Kohl Wildlife Lab. She is interested in human-wildlife interactions and plans to pursue a career in educational outreach. Her research focus is coyote pet predations. She plans on deploying video collars on coyotes to make direct observations.

Daniela Guerrero

Danny graduated with her master’s in 2022 from Warnell, where she worked in Dr. Hernandez’s lab. Her study interests are wildlife diseases, human-wildlife interactions, and carnivore ecology and management. 

Research Assistants

Rainey Calhoun

Rainey is an undergraduate Warnell student at UGA. Her two passions are wildlife and writing, and she wants to explore the ways human-wildlife interactions translate into both fiction and nonfiction text. She hopes to use this intersection as a way to bring attention to species portrayal in literature.

Previous members

Eden Nitza

Eden graduated from Emory University in 2020 with a BS in Biology. Since graduating, she has studied bats, red-cockaded woodpeckers, snakes, and mule deer. Eden is pursuing a master’s degree at University of West Virginia studying river otters.