Striving to Understand Wildlife Ecology and Human-Wildlife Interactions across Metro Atlanta

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Carson Goes Camera Trapping

Camera traps are a common tool used in wildlife research to better understand wildlife behavior. Prior to my internship, I had never done camera trapping, so this was a totally new experience for me. While setting up cameras, Summer and I got to do some fun things, like ride golf carts and see local wildlife,Continue reading “Carson Goes Camera Trapping”

Dear Eden,

You are a Rockstar! You have impacted this project in more ways than I can count. I am so glad it was your enthusiastic voice on the phone saying “Good Morning!” whenever we had a capture in the middle of the night. Your passion and excitement for EVERYTHING is infectious, and it made those 3amContinue reading “Dear Eden,”

Field Season 2022

Our field team rocked the show! Not only was this team full of young buddying scientists, it was also exclusively full of dedicated, excited, and inspiring women! We successfully deployed all 15 GPS collars, deployed all 60 camera traps, and cultivated relationships with community members and local organizations. I am proud to have led thisContinue reading “Field Season 2022”

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